Best website for creating backlinks |

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Good news for bloggers !!! Backlinks very important in order to raise your rank of website. There are many websites for creating backlinks in the market but the rating of is great as compared to others. Increasing your website rank come under the process of SEO (Search engine optimization).There are two types of SEO […]

WhatPulse: to monitor the use of mouse, keyboard and bandwidth

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Monitor and Keep track of use of mouse, Keyboard and bandwidth through WhatPulse If anyone of you readers believe to be part of that large group of users who want to learn always and in detail how and how much time was spent in performing specific operations according to a computer then you should seriously consider the […]

SEO Tips : Beware of typos, errors and grammar

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To get Ranked High in the Search Engines, here are few SEO Tips A few days ago a post on the blog of Bing has marked once again the importance of having quality content to achieve high rankings. The quality indicated by the engine, however, is not only measured in terms of interest and value of the content, […]

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 episode 16: While You Were Sleeping

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Vampire Diaries Season 5 episode 16 is said to be the most explosive episode of the season. Loads of secrets will be revealed and many new beginnings will be there. Most importantly, Damon and Elena will unite together. Above all, there will be many new entries in the serial. But unfortunately, CW has decided to […]

Android SDK Ready For Wearable Devices

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Soon Google Smartwatch and new Google Glasses will be cheaper. In two weeks time there will be an Android SDK for developing applications for the wearable computing. The news comes from the Sxsw Conference underway until March 16 in Austin, Texas. It means, practically, anyone who is interested in building applications for wearable devices like smart wristbands that we […]

WhatsApp Android update brings more privacy, widgets and options

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The last period was not very positive WhatsApp after the acquisition by Facebook , its long down, came new instant messaging app as Telegram  to which many have turned for its simplicity and security . But Mark Zuckerberg is now trying to regain lost customers with the latest Whatsapp Android update.  More privacy, more flexibility […]

Apple iOS 7.1 update here, new design and compatible with CarPlay

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Apple has just released the first update of its operating system iOS 7 i.e. iOS 7.1, launched on 18 September 2013. The new update offers many improvements from the point of view of functionality is that of security, solving some problems that had worried and upset not just the users of iPhone and iPad in recent months. Among the main features of  iOS 7.1 guarantee greater […]

The new Microsoft Office for Mac is coming

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Microsoft has confirmed that the new Office for Mac will be released later this year.   The statement comes from a Microsoft representative, who confirmed that the company is working on the next version of Office for Mac Its release is expected in the next few months, at most by year end. There is still no […]

Evernote launches its official app for Pebble

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Evernote launches its official app for Pebble. The application for iOS is now available on the iTunes Store and is coming to the Play Store for Android devices In the frame of the South by Southwest Festival in Austin , Evernote has announced the launch of its app dedicated to  Pebble , the smartwatch that is reaching interesting heights of popularity. In fact, a strong aggressive retail […]