Best IRCTC Alternate website for booking tatkal tickets

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, abbreviated to IRCTC, is a subsidiary of the Indian Railways that handles the catering, tourism and online ticketing operations of the railways. is the official website of IRCTC for booking Indian railways tickets online. But due to low cost servers, this website could not handle the amount of traffic that it receives during tatkal hours (i.e. 10 AM – 12 PM).

Best IRCTC Alternative website for booking tatkal tickets

The Tatkal Scheme is an Indian Railways scheme for journey at very short notices. So, I started searching for best IRCTC alternative website for booking tatkal tickets. Since, IRCTC website is the only way of booking Tatkal tickets online, I need to find a bypass method which could work with After few hours of search, I encountered a website which I found really promising for logging in during tatkal hours at IRCTC website.

The website was: (also known as, IRCTC Alternate Dot Com)


What actually is doing & How is it efficient than ?

Actually, there is nothing much that IRCTC Alternate website is doing. During the tatkal hours, when goes down, people are not even able to access the home page. And if people are not able to access the homes page, they are not able to login either. So, IRCTC Alternate website reduces the load of home/login page at and when other people are trying to access, you will at least be having a chance of logging in which will ultimately increase your probability of getting a confirmed tatkal ticket.


Does has anything to do with IRCTC Official Website?

No, has nothing to do with IRCTC Official Website. IRCTC Alternate is only providing you the facility to bypass home page. IRCTC Alternate website have no access to irctc database or any of their services. This website has nothing to do with irctc or any of their related services or features.


What’s my personal opinion?

Personally, I like the concept behind IRCTC Alternate website. They’ve just copied the form action URL of original and pass the username & password variables to the original IRCTC website. On successful login, they redirect you to

Lavneet Sharma (cipherux) is a Digital Forensics Analyst at Data64 Cyber Solutions (Cyber Crime Investigation, India). He loves writing about technology, programming and computers.

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  1. Hi Lavneet …. how exactly do they manage a quicker login vis-a-vis logging in through the official website ? Thanks

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